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Working with Helen has been so enlightening. Her manner of hypnosis is beautiful and after the first session, I felt my mind rapidly working through more than just the issue I originally went into working out and after our second session I felt even more in control of myself and lighter. Thank you Helen you are amazing.





I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnosis experience with Helen. She explained the process very well which helped me feel comfortable. The session was wonderful and Helen helped me drop into the Hypnosis with ease and I enjoyed the experience e as she guided me through, Looking forward to the next one.


During my first session it took me a while to get comfortable in the chair which distracted me from the guidance.  I also found myself really interested in the process so it took a while to reach a trance state.  The suggestions were really helpful though and I found my sleep improved almost straight away.  I was able to drift off fairly easily.  


The second session I found the progressive relaxation even more effective and found myself in a fairly deep trance.  Since then I haven’t had any difficulty falling asleep.  I look forward to testing it out next time I’m away from home, since we added the prompt about being able to fall asleep no matter where I am in the second session.


Overall, I found the sessions really beneficial, Helen gave clear explanations and was confident with the process, making it easier for me.  I’d recommend Helen to anyone.


My session with Helen was both highly relaxing and meaningful. I thought the swish was so interesting and effective. It is wonderful to have a clear picture of ‘the outcome’. I felt like I was supported in understanding both the instructions and the intentions of the swish. The biggest thing I took away from the HIP was the sheer relaxation from it. I didn’t want it to end!


I felt very much at ease and comfortable. And I certainly felt a sense of ‘what was possible’ in achieving the vision set out in the swish. I find Helen’s voice absolutely perfect for hypnosis. Confident and comforting. I also find her demeanour to be a perfect balance of professionalism and a genuine level of care.


I felt that the way she asked for permission was wonderful, and her instructions were clear and guiding. I think this, combined with her demeanour ensured a feeling of safety- which I think makes the session so effective as I felt very at ease from the very first pre talk- in fact, I think I had benefits from the pre talk alone!


So the whole process has been very enjoyable for me and I am very appreciative.


I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact Helen has had on my life. Through her expert guidance and hypnotic techniques, I’ve gained a newfound sense of self-control that has transformed my habits and decision-making.


Helen is a true professional who genuinely cares about her clients’ success. I highly recommend Helen’s services to anyone seeking to enhance their self-control and lead a more empowered life.


I can’t express how thankful I am to have had Helen’s support on my journey to quit smoking. Her understanding and guidance made all the difference in my success. With her personalised approach, she provided practical strategies to overcome cravings and triggers for my addiction.

If you're considering quitting smoking, I wholeheartedly recommend Helen as your partner in this transformative journey.



Located in East Toowoomba Qld.

Not local? Zoom sessions are highly effective too!

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