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How many sessions will I need?

Ah, the crystal ball question! The number of hypnosis sessions you’ll need can depend on your individual situation and the issue you’re addressing.


Many of our clients see great results after just one session, especially for more immediate concerns. However, research and our clinical experience show that having multiple sessions can really boost and maintain those benefits over time.

Can hypnotherapy replace medical treatment?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a valuable complementary approach that can work in conjunction with medical treatment. While it can be highly effective for a range of issues, it’s important to note that it is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment or advice.


If you have a medical or mental health condition or are undergoing medical treatment, it’s crucial to stay in consultation with your healthcare provider.


Clinical Hypnotherapy can be a supportive tool in promoting overall wellbeing but it’s essential to work alongside your medical professional to ensure comprehensive care.

Can I claim on my private health cover?

As an accredited member of Australian Hypnotherapy Association, we are covered by some private health funds. But the level of cover will vary depending on your policy. You would need to contact your private health fund directly.

How many problems can I work on at once?

Hypnosis doesn’t offer an instant fix that sweeps away all your challenges simultaneously. To experience results, you’ll have to approach your medical and psychological concerns individually, over multiple sessions.


While there’s a chance that certain symptoms from one condition might dimmish along with symptoms from another, it’s typically more effective to address each issue separately when utilising hypnosis as a therapeutic approach.

How does hypnosis work?

In our everyday life, your mind’s protective side can sometimes put a brake on fresh ideas or new ways of doing things! It’s actually just trying to do its job and keep us safe.

But it is also why making changes by ourselves can be tough.


In clinical hypnotherapy, we find a way to bypass this cautious conscious part of your mind and talk directly to your subconscious, sharing new and better goals and strategies. 


Your subconscious mind controls and regulates all of your functions. It acts as a vault for all our life experiences and memories. As a result, it has been conditioned to influence your decision-making, both in ways that are within our immediate awareness (conscious choices) and in ways that operate below the surface (subconscious choices).


During hypnosis, you enter a state of heightened internal focus and relaxation, allowing the conscious mind to become quieter while the subconscious mind becomes more receptive. Bypassing the conscious mind and communicating directly with the subconscious mind enables you to explore and address deeply rooted beliefs, emotions and patterns that might not be easily accessible in your normal waking state. 


The overall goal is to promote positive changes through suggestions so the subconscious mind can re-program and overcome whatever is holding you back!

Will I be under your control when hypnotised?

Absolutely not! Contrary to what you see in the movies when you’re hypnotised, you’ll experience profound relaxation while maintaining complete awareness and control throughout the process.


Did you know that your subconscious mind safeguards all your values and principles? Any suggestion from a hypnotherapist that didn’t align with your beliefs would automatically be rejected.


If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “Are you going to make me quack like a duck?”

My answer is always the same “Do you want to quack like a duck?”

What is a Trance State?

When I first heard the word Trance it made me think of being in a zombie like state walking with my arms out in from me!


But really Trance is a natural state that you most probably find yourself in a few times a day! Have you ever been so completely absorbed while doing something that you’ve become unaware of what is going on in the room around you?  Or found yourself having a daydream? Or jumped in the car to travel a route that you’ve been to 1000 times and you just sort of arrive?


These are all examples of being in a mild trance state otherwise know as hypnotic state.  You are still in control in all these scenarios and you could come out of it at any time you like. 

Is hypnotherapy suitable for children?

Yes, hypnotherapy can be used with children, but it requires specialised training and a gentle approach. 


Child are often fantastic subjects for hypnosis because they usually have wonderful imaginations!


Hypnosis can help kids with concerns like bedwetting, anxiety, sleep issues, and behavioral challenges.

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Not local? Zoom sessions are highly effective too!

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