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Initial Session


$200 / 1.5hrs-2hrs


Available in Person or Via Zoom


When you book your session online through our booking page, you’ll be asked to let me know the overall issue you would like to work on so that I can get a good base understanding before our session. When we meet for your session we’ll have a deeper conversation about what concerns you to confirm that I understand precisely what you want your outcome to be.

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Smoking & Vaping Cessation




Available in Person or Via Zoom

If you’re reading this, that is a crucial first step in a positive direction to becoming a non-smoker! Clinical hypnotherapy is a tried and true, natural and effective way to stop smoking for good.

Have you ever sat down and worked out what you spend on smoking/vaping every week, month or year!

Smoking Cessation Clinical Hypnotherapy is worth the investment!



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Follow-up Sessions


$175 / 1hr


Available in Person or Via Zoom

There is no hard and fast rule about how many sessions you may need to break free from whatever is concerning you. Generally, the longer the issues have been present in your life the more sessions you may need. Most often you may be looking at 2 possibly 3 sessions. More complex issues may require more sessions.

More about Zoom Sessions


Online clinical hypnotherapy is a secure and hassle-free substitute for in-person sessions.

You can achieve the same level of effectiveness as traditional clinic-based interactions. Whether you’re limited by time, location, family obligations or health conditions, our online options ensure accessibility for everyone.


Opting for a virtual hypnotherapy session through Zoom is incredibly straightforward. Once we’ve established a session time. All you require is a dependable internet connection and a cosy space to unwind and be uninterrupted for at least 1.5 hours. (This may include switching your phone off and tying up pets).


A personalised and secure link will be provided for each session, ensuring exclusive access for you. Zoom only requires a simple click on the designated link, followed by easy-to-follow instructions to join the meeting.

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